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 Attention Recruits! Read before posting

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Nicholas Kincaid

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PostSubject: Attention Recruits! Read before posting   Sat 21 Aug 2010 - 21:16

Yewian Recruitment Procedure

(1) Post a topic with your character name and the following information

- Your character name

- Your wanted playingstyle (skills you're going with)

- Your previous guild/clan/alliance memberships.

- Your age and your real life location.

- How long have you been playing UO.

- Your online gaming experience.

- Past roleplaying experience.

- How did you hear about us.

- Why you want to join the ranks of the State.

- MSN.

(2) Get In Contact With Yew Command

Take notion that if you do not have MSN we cannot recruit you. It is what we use to keep in touch
with our members. As it makes it easier to organize events and see who's able to partake if anyone
would like to get anything going.

[GM] Nicholas Kincaid - MSN AIM/ICQ StateofYew

(3) Joining the State
Any of the Yewian Command can approve an application and take your knowledge test.
When you have joined it's advised to add all of Yew Command to MSN as to not miss any events
and also we're here to help if you need advice, training tips or have suggestions for things you'd
like to see the guild do.
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Attention Recruits! Read before posting
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